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Among Star

Among Stars is a space-simulator-meets-shooter kind of game. It's the first state of the art VR game to incorporate an AI asset. That is artificial intelligence. Once you've started, you see yourself inside a cockpit. You drive your spaceship and check all the needed data (speed, tilt angle etc.) on the dashboard. Better sit down before you start: the simulation of flight is very realistic.

There's a bunch of shooting the enemies to keep you entertained. The game is currently under development: it's gonna be multyplayer and we're planning to turn it into a full-fledged space saga.

So stay in touch!

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Asset Pack

This asset can be a greet solution to many game developers who want to explore the basics of NPC AI operation. It serves as a great pratform for creating a variety of space shooter games and simulators. You can use it as an addition to your own space saga, since the NPC featured in this package has three motion vectors. Disabling one of the vectors is also an option.

Right now, the asset is fairly simple, but its future updates will feature a more complex logic and a sohpisticated game scenario.

The asset includes obstacle avoidance system, particle explosions, random and controlled gun switching, target search and identification.

WARNING! This asset doesn't support 2D games!

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